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Horns for Hire offer two options for your recording needs.
For both of these, we can either write our own music based on an audio file you send to us, or play music pre-arranged by you.
As horn arranging experts, it's often best to give us an idea of what you want and leave the horn parts to us, as we can always tweak them to get the exact sound you want in the studio, but we're happy to play parts written out by you, or transcribe samples or horn demos too.

Emma is an excellent arranger and player.
She works hard to understand the feel artists are going for, bringing a wide range of ideas to the studio and at the same time an ability to think and arrange on her feet.
For a producer Emma is a joy to work with.

Ed Heaton - Producer

(John Gomm, NARCS, Daniel Pearson, Marsicans)


The horn section will come to the studio that you are recording at. We are always fully prepared and will have rehearsed your arrangements to perfection, as we understand the financial and time pressures of studio recording. The section are highly experienced industry professionals and thus, can guarantee working closely with your engineer to deliver efficient and incredible sounding results.

"Emma totally nailed the horn arrangements for our album. She went above and beyond the call of duty and came into the studio with something even better than we'd asked for. She and her crew delivered the goods on the day without a hitch. All in all she was a breeze to work with and I'd highly recommended her to anyone."

Seth Mowshowitz



Our home studio boasts top of the range equipment, a wide range of microphones and the latest software to ensure we deliver the highest quality audio. If you want to give your record the horn section treatment without eating into your studio time, this is the option for you. We can arrange, record and mix the horns for your track in as little as a day, and will work to your specifications and deadlines to achieve a result you'll be over the moon with.

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